Pre-wedding – Bivy & Daniel

PhotoHub help client to plan the day they will go for pre-wedding according to the requirement and preference of the client. Bivy & Daniel love the elements of blue water, fresh color and stylish shooting. You can get these different kind of styles in the same day shooting as long as you have a well plan on your pre-wedding which include photographer selection, dress selection and location selection.


The gorgeous flower ball will make your pre-wedding shooting truly unforgettable! pre-wedding-shooting-photohub-photography-consultant-sheko-peak-hk

It’s elegant!!


We are finding ingenious ways to create a unique and memorable wedding without the hefty costs.



Every photographer has a unique way of seeing through his camera. Let’s provide you the unique pre-wedding shooting experience.


The suitable photographer will make a unique pre-wedding photo.


Love the simplicity of these outfits together – classy, but casual at the same day.pre-wedding-shooting-photohub-photography-consultant-sheko-peak-hkpre-wedding-shooting-photohub-photography-consultant-sheko-peak-hk

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