Dear Friend,


As the long-anticipated day draws near, there must be a million different emotions running through you, but none greater than joy! I am thrilled for you, and want to first just extend a heartfelt blessing to you as a couple. I am Ice, a wedding photography consultant. It is powerful when raw affection in its most candid form is captured, and it is my privilege to walk with you through these most significant days of this timeless journey. Let me introduce you to my team – PhotoHub is a place where we sit with you and hear you share about what your dream wedding experience looks like.


We just want to be there for you on this special day and the days leading up to it. Among each of our elite Hong Kong wedding photographers, you get to hand-pick the one whose photographic expression matches your preference, because we make sure each shot tells your story as you would like it.


So come and say hi! We would love to show you our photogra phers’ portfolios and save you many more trips hopping from one place to another looking for the best. You will surely find the one that both of you really like at PhotoHub! Can’t wait to meet you in person!


Warmest Regards,

Ice Wong