Pre-wedding – South of France – Provence – Purple Lavender

The South of France is a great place to have overseas pre-wedding shooting. It has a wonderful climate with long warm summer days stretching through to September and October.

There is a really super coast, with many fantastic beaches for your overseas pre-wedding. You will also find a rich variety of places to visit, from chic resorts, sleepy old villages and astonishing historical monuments dating back to Roman times (and before).


If you want a classic style pre-wedding that was timeless, a style that would fit in with its surrounding.


The bride wanted a relaxed atmosphere and for everyone to enjoy themselves. She wanted to share as much of what we love about the South of France with everyone so that she chose to have pre-wedding shoot here.


There cannot be a better destination in the South of France to visit than Provence. With its gorgeous purple lavender fields, beautiful villages, wonderful cuisine and stunning countryside, Provence is the ideal overseas pre-wedding photo shooting destination in South France.


The day was perfect. The weather was on our side, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze.


There’s nothing like the magical, romance-filled air found on the lavender fields of Provence, South France!

Every bride dreams of a fairy-tale overseas pre-wedding shooting in South of France.


We had gone on a spur of the moment shooting to the South of France and we suggest to visit Eze Village. You will immediately fell in love with its charm. pre-wedding-south-france-photohub-photography-consultant-fresh-style-hk

The Best Time to visit South of the France / overseas pre-wedding shooting:

The suggested time of the year in South France is April and May and then September and October. Normally from May through to September you can usually guarantee good weather, with long sunny days, clear blue skies and a warm sun. June is usually very pleasant up in the late 70F’s/mid 20C’s.

In July and August you can expect to get many days around 90F/30C. The winters in South France are mild and dry. You do get the occasional heavy downpour, but most days are relatively warm and dry and we are blessed with blue skies and sunshine for over 300 days a year.

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